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Self confessed chocolate lover

Chocolate Moments was created to bring you a moment in your day of chocolatey happiness.


Bored of what was available for someone who is gluten free with the same flavours on the market, Maria delved back to her childhood memories of eating crisps and chocolate at the school tuck shop and created the Bar of Crisps®. A UK first, we have created a product our fans call 'pure genius' a milk chocolate bar stuffed full of crisps.

As an ex Personal Assistant, Maria also spent years chewing on poor quality promo chocolate, so when she started Chocolate Moments, she felt a need to create beautifully looking and deliciously tasting branded chocolate. This element of the business is as popular as ever with the desire for bespoke, luxurious chocolates adding that special touch to corporate events, weddings, parties and conferences.

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