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Chocolate week 14th - 19th October 2021

So this is probably my favourite week of the year for obvious reasons but mainly because I get to eat more than my usual share of chocolate for 'research'.

Why do we have Chocolate Week?

Let's be honest, we all like indulging in a chocolate moment on a regular day, but Chocolate Week is an opportunity for artisan chocolatiers to highlight the importance of quality, sustainability, cocoa source and to bring attention to issues such as the use of palm oil, slave labour and deforestation.

There is a special chocolate Market this weekend 15th - 17th Oct at King's Cross.

There will be around twelve speciality makers including Firetree, Pump Street, Solkiki and The Careless Collection. Make sure your wallet is full as you will want to buy from each stall!

Please do let me know if you go and show me your purchases!

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