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Half way through the year & the perfect time to reflect

Chocolate Moments has evolved since i started in 2019. I stared making tahini brownies and chocolates inspired by flavours from Cyprus.

I then started making branded chocolates and personalised chocolate bars, subscription boxes and then the light bulb moment that bought us the Bar of Crisps in 2021. The Bar of Crisps started off being handmade by me, then manufactured in the thousands. It has now got a loyal following and had lots of publicity.

Everything I have done has been at a natural pace, I've not had any investment, I've not paid for advertising. The growth has been purely organic. It's got to a point where I just cannot take it to the next level without investment. And it's important to note, it wouldn't be one round of investment needed, it would be two. I wouldn't see a proper return for a good two or three years and would have to give a large part of Chocolate Moments away.

I know big risks equal big rewards, but the truth is, I'll never be able to make the Bar of Crisps at a low enough price where the margin is big enough for wholesalers, investors, customers and me to benefit. That is the truth.

But we can't say goodbye to such an incredible chocolate bar!

What I've decided to do for now, is go back to handmaking the Bar of Crisps myself, so there will be a limited number each month. This means I can also experiment with different flavours and involve you more in the creating! I love getting your suggestions so keep them coming!

The second part of the business will continue to create the signature branded chocolates that are so popular and I love making so much. Anything with an element that's bespoke is a winner.

I hope you stay with me on this journey and as always if you have any suggestions or comments, please message me or leave a comment here. Xx

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