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Is it wrong for a chocolate company to be Anti-Valentine?

Valentines has never been a time of year I get sucked into. I've never celebrated it, nor enjoyed it. I've never been that person wanting to receive a dozen red roses or be taken to lavish restaurants and then plaster it all over social media. It's a day that feels highly commercialised with no soul attached to it. It puts a lot of pressure on people - both those in relationships and those who are single. To the ones who are in unhappy marriages or partnerships, it highlights everything that is wrong with the relationship. Then there are those who are in relationships where they buy a huge amount of gifts for 'show'. Then there are those who are single and perhaps longing to be with a partner and again this day is super painful for them, especially so soon after Christmas and New Year which is also a difficult time of year.

It's also a big financial burden, again just a few weeks after Christmas. Do we really need gifts on one specific day of the year?

On the flip side, I do run a business and my business brain is screaming at me to stop talking about this. It's like a florist not selling roses at Valentines, their biggest revenue generating time of the year. I cannot imagine walking into a flower shop asking for red roses on Valentines and their response being, 'no sorry' we don't 'buy in' to Valentine's Day. I may be making a very big business mistake here.

I specialise in personalising chocolate so I could certainly capitalise on providing bespoke chocolates for couples at this time of year but I genuinely get no enjoyment from it at all. It does not sit right with me and ultimately I think I have made my decision that this year will be the last I make Valentine's specific items. Next year might be about creating something that is for those who think like me!

Do you think I'm making a bad business decision? Please do let me know.

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